Help With Shopping On Location


Whenever I go shopping, I am always attracted to the outfits on the mannequins in the windows and throughout the store. These outfits are always well planned, match well, and stylish, so I immediately begin my search throughout the store to find these items. I begin by looking near the mannequin. When I do not find the items I’m looking for, I skim the rest of the store. Finally, I will try and find a sales associate for their assistance. This is a tedious process and can end without success.

Iconeme is an app that will alert customers when they are 50 meters away from the mannequin. This alert will include information about what items are on the mannequin, prices, locations in the store, and a link to where the items can be bought online. The app also allows users to share their favorite items with friends which allows users to shop with their friends while not being physically together.

Iconeme App

The app also allows for retailers to track a customer’s location in the store. This provides them with information about how long each customer looks at an item and their path throughout the store. With this information, retailers can tailor the layout of their store to better serve their customers.

Stores are using apps, such as Iconeme, to bring customers into stores as online shopping becomes more prevalent. One study showed that 60% of Americans are happy shopping online instead of in a crowded mall, and 71% of shoppers believe they will receive a better deal online than in store. The mall in my home town for example is slowing loosing stores to online shopping and is becoming more barren everyday. In a hope to revive in store shopping, retailers are using Inconeme to make shopping in store a more interactive experience.

While Inconeme is a great way to make shopping more interactive and easy, the app is primarily located within the United Kingdom. As technology advances, hopefully more stores will be able to use location based services since it brings an eases to shopping. This would allow for customers to quickly find their items without the hassle of talking to a sales associate or wandering throughout the store searching for items. Apps, such as Iconeme, could make the process of shopping in store more streamline and efficient while making the process less stressful.



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